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  • Sonic Shadow XS Game

    Sonic Shadow XS

  • Sonic Hero Puzzle Game

    Sonic Hero Puzzle

  • Sonic Halloween Racing Game

    Sonic Halloween ...

  • Fantastic Duet Game

    Fantastic Duet

  • Sonic Match It Game

    Sonic Match It

  • Sonic Nazo Unleashed Part 3 Game

    Sonic Nazo Unleashed ...

  • Sonic In Mario World 2 Game

    Sonic In Mario World ...

  • Sonic Super Ski Game

    Sonic Super Ski

New Games

  • Sonic Invaders Game

    Sonic Invaders

  • Sonic Snake Game

    Sonic Snake

  • Sonic Millionaire Game

    Sonic Millionaire

  • Sonic Stunt Motocross Game

    Sonic Stunt ...

  • Sonic Game


  • Mini Train Game

    Mini Train

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Biker Game

    Sonic The Hedgehog ...

  • Sonic’s Crazy Coin Collect Game

    Sonic’s Crazy Coin ...

  • Sonic Truck 2 Game

    Sonic Truck 2

  • Sonic Bike Adventure Game

    Sonic Bike Adventure

  • Super Sonic Dress Up Game

    Super Sonic Dress Up

  • Fantastic Duet Game

    Fantastic Duet

  • Kamakazi Hedchog Game

    Kamakazi Hedchog

  • Metal Sonic Asteriod Blaste Game

    Metal Sonic Asteriod ...

  • Sonic Bike Game

    Sonic Bike

  • Mario Atv In Sonic Land Game

    Mario Atv In Sonic ...

  • Sonic Xtreme Bike Game

    Sonic Xtreme Bike

  • Sonic In Mario World 2 Game

    Sonic In Mario World ...

  • Super Sonic Motorbike 3 Game

    Super Sonic ...

  • Mario Sonic Jet Adventure Game

    Mario Sonic Jet ...

Play Sonic Games Online at SonicGamesOnly.Com

Welcome to SonicGamesOnly.Com, our website is dedicated to Sonic games online inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog (series). We have put together this collection for you to enjoy.

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Sonic the Hedgehog games were firstly created by Yuji Naka, then developed and owned by Sega. It was originally speed-based platform games. Now most of Sonic games built on this genre but there are also a lot of spin-off which are all in different genres. There are thousand of new versions and variation created with new storyline, new character and new rule of playing. Originally, the protagonist is a blue hedgehog named Sonic whose peaceful life is always interrupted by the evil genius - Doctor Eggman who always has a lot of plans of world domination. Doctor Eggman is the main antagonist throughout the series. To achieve the aims of ruling the planet and establishing the Eggman Empire, and to this, Doctor Eggman always try to eliminate Sonic and get the powerful Chaos Emeralds. Sonic together with his allies’ must fight to save the world from these evil plans.

Sonic the Hedgehog is described as the fastest hedgehog of the world. The outstanding strength of Sonic is running speed which is faster than speed of sound. Spinning his body to roll into a tight ball for better protection is another feature of Sonic. Most of Sonic games utilize these special abilities, to run uphill, climb wall or ceilings, drive (Xtreme truck, truck), race (Xbike, motobike, skate and so on. Running speed, corkscrews and oller coaster-like loops are very common and required in Sonic games.

Playing Sonic the Hedgehog games online now is most interesting and easiest ever. We aim to bring you the best Sonic games online. Hundred of selected Sonic games are available for totally free of charge and new games introduced everyday. Whatever your preference if you love Sonic games, there is a game for you at Sonic games online. Have fun and please visit again soon.

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